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Jason M. Tyra, CPA, PLLC provides full service tax preparation and tax planning services year round, in all fifty US states and to US expatriates outside the United States. We were one of the first licensed accounting firms to work with bitcoin and remain one of the leading firms in the virtual currency community. Our clients are some of the most prominent figures and companies in bitcoin. Ask around- even if you haven’t heard of us or worked with us in the past, it is likely that you know someone who has.

Cryptocurrency Consulting

With personal finance experts and even government officials continually pointing out the security risks and potential for fraud in cryptocurrency, conventional financial advice offers a sturdy fallback. An expert that specializes in crypto consulting assists clients in choosing the best crypto investments. Asset tokenization, blockchain development, NFT development, and crypto marketing are some of the topics on which crypto consulting services concentrate. Jason M. Tyra, CPA, PLLC provides the virtual currency user community with tax, legal and consulting services to assist with implementation, management, and regulatory compliance.

Security Advice

This will include early-stage education, risk assessments, bank-wide crypto and NFT strategy development to digital asset cards, and the design of crypto loyalty programs. Data & Services, which happens to be a talent incubator for the broader company, is looking to add more than 500 college graduates and young professionals as part of the ambitious growth plans. If you trade bitcoin or other virtual currencies, mine bitcoin, or accept bitcoin in payment for goods or services, then you must include your virtual currency activity on your tax return. You may also be obligated to report some holdings as foreign financial accounts either to the IRS or to FinCEN.

  • But even if you are an experienced cryptocurrency dealer, our consultations will help you find the best ways to launch an ICO thus raising more funds for your business ventures.
  • A crypto consultant should also know how to manage your social media accounts and build a credible website.
  • Other companies, such as Tesla, have invested heavily in cryptocurrency.
  • If you intend to launch a blockchain-related business, it’s essential to consider crypto consulting services.

Functional services are services that require consent and can be activated or deactivated by an opt-in or opt-out. Some of these jobs require IT developer skills and an in-depth understanding of blockchain coding. Some private or permissioned blockchains are visible only to specific groups of people – for example, a consortium of banks tracking inter-bank transfers. We can work with your business on earning yield, host seminars, and accept crypto payments for your business via e-commerce, website, email, or in-person payments. It is noteworthy Gentry’s new career in crypto has allowed her to gain financial security, but also extend it to her family. She sees crypto as a means to accumulate wealth and pass it on to her two girls, Cynthia, 23, and Imani, 19.

Top Crypto Market Makers

So far, Mastercard has curated partnerships with crypto-focused firms and has helped the expansion of financial tech companies into new markets. One of the main focuses of the payment company is to help central banks use its testing platform for design exploration as well as deployment of a central bank digital currency . Open banking puts businesses and consumers at the center of where and how their financial data is used and furthers access to services they want and need. To help businesses maximize open banking opportunities, our consultants use data-driven insights, advisory and product development services, in alignment with Mastercard’s Data Responsibility Principles.

Now that you’ve understood the skills to consider when choosing a crypto/blockchain consultant or advisory services the next move is to find out how to choose one. And the decision on the crypto consulting company to choose will depend on various factors. Blockchain consultants are valuable resources for the business due to their ability to integrate business and technical expertise. This helps them to create bespoke solutions that meet the needs of various clients.

Crypto consulting from International Wealth experts and our partners will let you avoid possible problems with fiscal and other regulating authorities of different national states. A cryptocurrency consultant is a specialist who advises customers on how to conduct profitable and compliant cryptocurrency transactions and practices in accounting and tax functions. They safeguard their customers from unethical and unlawful crypto activities. Banks and fintechs are integrating cryptocurrency and the blockchain to transform traditional services like custody, loans, and rewards. Building a crypto community is a crucial tactic to beat rivals given the intense rivalry in this market.

We also identify any deductions or credits to which you may be entitled and seek out opportunities to reduce your tax burden in future years. We believe that there is nothing patriotic about paying taxes that you don’t owe. The things that make cryptocurrency great are also the things that make them vulnerable.

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